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New Products

Patrick Holford has extended his South African brand into the Foodstuff market with the launch of Patrick Holford Awake Tea and Patrick Holford Xylitol.


For those with a sweet tooth – Patrick Holford Xylitol has been launched in boxes of convenient 5g sachets.

Xylitol is a natural alternative to sugar found in small amounts in fruits such as plums, cherries and most berries – and unlike sugar, does not affect blood sugar levels and contains 40% less calories. It also can assist in the prevention of tooth decay as bacteria, present in the mouth and which feed off xylitol, are no longer able to attach themselves to the teeth.

“Because of it low glycaemic load (GL) level, xylitol won’t give you those big highs and lows – which can cause weight gain and unstable energy that you get from sugar. You can eat xylitol just as you would regular sugar. I sometimes sprinkle a little over berries or add it to drinks. And unlike other sweeteners which break down with heat, xylitol can be used for cooking. Use it in almost any recipe that calls for sugar (the substitution is 1:1). It’s also a great guilt-free sweetener for cereals, baking and puddings,” says Patrick Holford about xylitol.



Patrick Holford is singing the praises of the latest new superfood Moringa oleifera – a leafy bush which is an incredibly rich source of nutrients, anti-oxidants, vitamins, protein, all eight essential amino acids and polyphenols.

“Given all the hype about Moringa, I thought I’d give it a go and added a teaspoon of the green leaf powder, which tastes a bit like Wheatgrass juice, to my morning GL Diet Get up & Go smoothie, followed half an hour later by a cup of Moringa tea. To my surprise, I noticed a definite energy boost within minutes. I had a cup of tea again that evening and noticed that I was alert and energized until late into the evening. Given that Moringa tea contains no caffeine and contains so many healthy properties, this is the perfect cup of tea,” said Patrick.

Patrick now drinks Moringa tea when needing a “pick me up” and adds the powder daily to his breakfast smoothies. To this end he has formulated a Moringa-based tea which is now available as Awake Tea. Launched in ginger and lemon flavour, Awake Tea is a delicious blend to be enjoyed, to boost energy levels, calm the mind and provide the body with an abundance of health benefits. Energy without anxiety – what more could you ask for?