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As well as eating no more than you need, choosing foods that keep the blood sugar even, backed up by an optimal intake of nutrients that help stabilise blood sugar, will assist you to lose weight by stabilising your appetite and burning fat. These nutrients include vitamins B3, B6 and C, zinc and chromium. Konjac fibre, a source of glucomannan, also helps to stabilise blood sugar levels. Also helpful is HCA, which slows down the ability of the body to turn excess fuel into body fat, and 5-http, which stabilises appetite. In some people, food allergies cause water retention that contributes to obesity. If you suspect any foods, the most common being wheat and dairy products, eliminate them for ten days to test whether they are associated with your weight gain. Thyroid problems can also be a factor in obesity. If all else fails, ask your doctor to check your thyroid. 

Diet advice

Follow the diet in this book, emphasising high water-content foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables and slow-releasing carbohydrates (see Part 9). Avoid all sources of fast-releasing sugars. Experiment with fasting one day a week, or sticking to fruit only. Make aerobic exercise a regular part of your day. 


• 2 x Multivitamin and multimineral

• 2 x Vitamin C 1,000mg

• 2 x Essential Omega 3 and 6 oil capsules

• Chromium 200mcg and HCA 750mg and 5-HTP 100mg

• 3g Glucomannan/konjac fibre (optional)



In this condition the density of the bones decreases, increasing the risk of fracture and compression of the spinal vertebrae. From a nutritional perspective there are three main contributors. These are excessive protein consumption, leading to leaching of calcium from the bone to neutralise excess blood acidity; relative dominance of oestrogen to progesterone, the latter being a major trigger for bone growth; and deficiency of bone-building nutrients, which include calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, silica, phosphorus and boron. The use of natural progesterone cream, prescribable by your doctor, has proved four times more effective than synthetic oestrogen HRT in restoring bone density. 

Diet advice

Follow the diet in this book, keeping all sources of saturated fat to a minimum due to their oestrogenic effects. Have a heaped tablespoon of ground seeds each day as a source of calcium, magnesium and zinc. 
Supplement advice

• 2 x Multivitamin and multimineral

• Vitamin C 1,000mg 

• Bone mineral complex