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Brittle, cracking nails is often signalling a signal of nutrient deficiency. The body prioritises the distribution of nutrients, and while vital organs are first on the list, skin and nails are pretty much the last. You could be low in vitamin A, B vitamins, calcium or iron – but rather than supplementing these individually, take a high strength multivitamin and mineral. Another key factor is how well you are digesting and absorbing nutrients from your food. Low levels of stomach acid, which prepares minerals for absorption, and digestive enzymes, are a common problem. A supplement containing both of these can really boost the condition of your nails although note you shouldn’t take it if you’ve had stomach ulcers or other stomach problems. Also make sure you take precautions to protect your nails from external damage, such as harsh detergents and hot water.



Nosebleeds are usually a sign of weak blood capillaries (small blood vessels) in the lining of the nose. This could just be due to a temporary pressure, say from blowing your nose a lot because of a cold; or it could be a sign that the capillaries throughout your body are not as strong as they should be. To strengthen fragile capillaries, make sure you have plenty of bioflavonoids – these are remarkable nutrients found in plants, especially citrus fruits, berries, broccoli, cherries, red grapes, rosehips, papaya, and tomatoes as well as tea and red wine. Bioflavonoids work best with vitamin C and are usually found in a blend. Take a good bioflavonoid complex to give your capillaries maximum support.