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Despite the urge to consume a sugary snack or a cup of coffee, Holford suggests that just because your energy levels seem low doesn’t mean that you need to eat more or get more sugar into your system; it simply tells you that your body isn’t using your food correctly.

“You might be eating your three meals a day but aren’t using all the potential energy from what you consume. When energy isn’t used, it is stored as fat – not contributing to your energy levels and adding more centimetres to your waistline,” says Patrick.

It may seem as though the body’s use of energy is not something we can control; however, Patrick explains that it is simply a matter of eating the correct foods that are slower to digest, ensuring that energy is released consistently throughout the day – preventing excess being stored as fat.

With some energy converted to fat, the rest spent and your next meal hours away, it’s no surprise that tiredness sets in.