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The latest beauty trend is to embrace the natural glow of your skin. But aesthetics aside, did you know that healthy skin is good barometer for overall health? While some turn to foundations and other cosmetics, the secret, according to Patrick, lies in a well-balanced diet.

As the gateway to our emotions and thoughts, it makes sense that by improving your internal systems, with the right nutrition, you can improve both how you feel and how you look.


  • Your skin is the largest organ in your body.
  • It accounts for about 5kg of your body weight.
  • The surface area roughly equates to the size of a double bed.
  • As the first line of defence against the environment, it is exposed to the most damage.
  • Sugar and sugary foods lead to the production of insulin, which may damage collagen and accelerate wrinkles.
  • Oily skin can sometimes be attributed to hormones found in dairy, causing clogged pores and pimples.


  1. Eat organic as much as possible.
  2. Drink lots of water.
  3. Incorporate plenty of chia seeds, walnuts, olives and carnivorous fish like salmon, tuna and mackerel and eggs.
  4. Pack your grocery cupboard with colourful fruits and vegetables that include red, orange, and yellow vegetables and fruits, purple foods, green foods, as well as ‘seed’ foods such as peas or broccoli, onions, leeks and garlic.You can also keep a few bars of dark chocolate in the cupboard.
  5. Include beans, pulses, wholegrains and other slow-releasing carbohydrates. These release sugar into the blood stream gradually, providing you with a steady supply of energy and leaving you feeling satisfied for longer and less likely to snack on sugary foods.

Before you next complain about your skin problems, perhaps it is a good idea to look carefully into your diet for find solutions. It is also worth supplementing to ensure that you are consuming the right amounts of vitamins and minerals. Patrick Holford’s Age Antioxidant and Essential Omegas are great additions to your skincare regime and are available at Dis-Chem stores and leading pharmacies nationwide.