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Whether it is tomato juice, sugary drinks, an English breakfast, or junk food and ice cream, everyone has their own hangover fix for after the damage has been done, but the real key to avoiding all the unpleasant effects of alcohol is preparation.

“The secret to handling alcohol and avoiding a hangover is to understand how your body processes alcohol,” says Patrick.

“Even in small quantities, alcohol depletes nutrients and minerals in the body, which is why you feel the effects. Putting aside any benefits a glass of red wine may have for heart health, there is no question that alcohol taxes both your liver and your gut. Fortunately, preparation can enable you to be merry and not pay the price the next day,” says Patrick.

The liver helps detoxify the body, but it has a limit and, thereafter, it metabolises this alcohol into substances that damage the lining of the gut, depletes Vitamin C levels and dehydrates the body.

“Alcohol is detoxified in the liver by a substance called alcohol dehydrogenase, but when the liver’s limit is reached, chloral hydrate and acetaldehyde are produced. Combined, these substances are acidic and toxic, which can lead to passing out and a hangover,” explains Patrick.