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Your body’s daily functions are as a result of chemical reactions that depend on vitamins and minerals. The balance of blood sugar levels requires Zinc, Vitamin C, Chromium, Magnesium and a variety of B Vitamins. While it is always best to try and get as many of these in your diet as possible, it is difficult to establish that you are eating the right amounts.

“You can get these vitamins and minerals in a daily pack or strip, which makes life a lot easier. I refer to these supplements as ‘the basics’,” says Patrick.

Consisting of four of products in one, Patrick Holford GL Diet Support Pack includes Patrick Holford Advanced Optimum Nutrition, Patrick Holford Immune C, Patrick Holford Appestop, and Patrick Holford Essential Omegas. Available at Dis-Chem, leading pharmacies or online at Takealot.com.

If you have type 2 diabetes, or suspect you might be pre-diabetic, please discuss this with your healthcare professional. Do not discontinue the use of any prescribed medication unless instructed to do so by your doctor.