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Patrick has summarised diabetes prevention and reversal into ten dietary steps that are beneficial for the whole family’s health as well.

“My low-GL diet is not a low-fat or a low-calorie diet. My dietary advice is good for anyone because it will give your body what it needs to remain well. If you have diabetes, it is life-saving, and if you have pre-diabetes, it’ll make you diabetes-proof,” says Patrick.

  1. Eat no more than 55 GLs per a day and have an additional 10 GLs for drinks and dessert. For more information on the GL value of foods, read Patrick’s book The Low-GL Counter or visit patrickholford.com.
  2. Eat regular snacks.
  3. Practise meal-balancing at every meal. A quarter of each main meal should be protein, another quarter low-GL carbohydrate or starchy vegetables, and half should be non-starchy vegetables.
  4. Use the diet on six days out of seven.
  5. Choose good fats, avoid bad ones.
  6. Avoid food that you are allergic or sensitive to.
  7. Exercise regularly. Keep active by choosing stairs, walking, cycling or anything that focuses on fitness.
  8. Never skip breakfast. Eat protein with a carbohydrate like eggs on toast.
  9. Enjoy plenty of low-GL “wonderfoods” such as strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, tomatoes and olives.