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While nourishment can be understood as ensuring your child never goes hungry, optimum nutrition impacts on more than just physical health; it is key to positive moods, behaviour, memory, concentration and emotional stability.

But what does it really mean for a child to be optimally nourished? Well, it isn’t a simple answer but rather is based on a combination of factors, including low-GL foods, healthy fats, a rich protein intake, as well as vitamins and minerals, which you can read more about in Patrick’s book Optimum Nutrition for your Child.

A healthy brain primed for learning is just as much about what to avoid as it is about what you eat. As a rule, fried foods, takeaways, processed foods, ready meals and lots of sugar should be avoided at all costs. Often children tend to be fussy which makes it difficult to get them to eat “brain-building” foods – to this end Patrick has formulated his Smart Kids Brain Food supplement to ensure even the fussiest child gets an optimal intake of the vital vitamins and minerals required daily.