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Every winter, the dreaded onslaught of a new bout of cold and flu viruses does the rounds. We asked Patrick his advice on how best to protect our families and what the quickest and most effective way of dealing with a cold, should we catch one, is.

Q: How can we prevent catching a cold during winter?

Patrick: There are plenty of natural substances for your anti-cold “arsenal”. 37 out of 38 studies have shown that by supplementing with just 1g of Vitamin C a day reduces the incidence, duration and severity of cold symptoms. Other immune-friendly nutrients include Zinc and the herbs Echinacea and Cat’s Claw. Drinking a cup of Cat’s Claw tea or 10 drops of Echinacea tincture, in water every day during the winter months, can really help to stave off the sniffles. Berries contain anthocyanidins that boost the immune system and Black Elderberry extract has been show to halve the recovery time from flu.

Putting all of these together is the quickest way to prevent and/ kill a cold. Beyond this, eat lots of fruit, avoid dairy products and take it easy.

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