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According to Patrick, health is not just the absence of disease, but the abundance of vitality. This means we achieve health when our we are able to adapt to our circumstances and keep our mind and body in balance. However, health is not merely something we need to achieve and maintain, but something we should always be striving to improve. Essentially, optimum circumstances, equal optimum health.

Why you should aim for Optimum Nutrition:

  • Promotes mental performance by increasing IQ and improving mental clarity and focus.
  • Promotes emotional balance and mood.
  • Increases physical performance.
  • Improves quality of sleep.
  • Reduces the incidence of ill-health by improving resistance to infections.
  • Enhances your ability to protect yourself from disease.
  • Results in a longer, healthy lifespan.

“Optimum Nutrition is very simply giving yourself the best possible intake of nutrients to allow your body to be as healthy as possible and to work as well as it can,” says Patrick.

To achieve this optimum level of health you need to increase the intake of optimum vitamins and nutrients above the typical ‘well-balanced diet’. Read more about Patrick’s Low GL diet and lifestyle here.

To help you get the nutrients you need, here are Patrick’s guidelines to get the most out of the vitamins in your food:

  1. Eat food as fresh and unprocessed as possible.
  2. Store fresh food in sealed container in the fridge or in cool, dark places.
  3. Eat more raw food.
  4. Prepare foods cold where possible and heat to serve.
  5. Cook foods as whole as possible and slice or blend before serving.
  6. Steam or boil foods with as little water as possible.
  7. After steaming or boiling, keep the water for stock.
  8. Fry as little food as possible.
  9. Do not overcook, burn or brown food when cooking.
  10. Supplement your diet to ensure optimum levels of vitamins.