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While we are still in March, the month of sexual health, we look at the things you need to know to maximise your fertility.  Patrick believes that following some basic steps can radically increase your chances of getting pregnant.

There are three key areas that are crucial to improve your fertility, these are stress levels, timing sex to coincide with ovulation and your overall nutrition. These are Patrick’s recommendations for making the adjustments in these areas resulting in a lifestyle that is much more likely to see conception occur:


  • Learn relaxation techniques to help you relax and get on top of your stress.
  • Make sure you are getting the nutrients you need to help your body cope better with stress.
  • Positive thinking also plays a powerful role in the way you respond to stress so try turn up the positivity, irrespective of how stressed you feel.

Time sex right

  • Patrick suggests coming off the Pill three months before planning to conceive.
  • Make use of natural family planning techniques that will help you monitor your cycle and know when you are ovulating.
  • Have sex regularly around the time you are most fertile – ovulation.

Overall Nutrition

  • Eat regular sources of the key fertility nutrients; particularly Zinc, B6 and essential fats.
  • Boost your antioxidant nutrients by eating different coloured fruits and vegetables, fresh nuts and seeds daily.
  • Supplement a wholesome diet with a daily multivitamin and mineral formula.
  • Reduces sources of ‘anti-nutrients’, such as refined foods, alcohol, tobacco and caffeine.
  • Also limit exposure to industrial chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs.

Additional Tips

Patrick also suggests testing your homocysteine level and reducing this if found to be high, as well as having a sexual health check to screen for possible infections which could be a factor in your difficulty to fall pregnant.

Conception is a two-way street, but as the carrier of your baby-to-be, anything you do to improve fertility can also increase your chances of having a super healthy baby. In Patrick’s words: “You don’t just need to be fertile. You need maximum fertility.”