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We all know that when it comes to New Year’s resolutions it is always easier said than done. Sticking to those new diets and health goals can be challenging when the business of the year kicks in and threatens to carry you away. But that doesn’t need to be the case this year.

Patrick’s advice and insight on Moringa, with its numerous health benefits and versatility, could be the missing ingredient to make 2018 your best year yet. Moringa could just be the foundation you need to get the upper hand on your health this year.

According to Patrick, there is ample evidence that Moringa is a rich source of so many nutrients with a wide range of positive health effects. Needless to say, it’s on his list of super foods.

Moringa provides an organic, caffeine-free energy boost. Researchers have found that Moringa reduces cortisol, the stress hormone, increases testosterone and also inhibits enzymes that breakdown serotonin and dopamine, which could explain the energy and mood boost many people report. Additionally, research shows it even enhances sexual performance. Now that’s a reason in itself to boost your mood!

Research also suggests that Moringa may have a positive impact on weight loss and play a role in preventing fatty liver disease. It has also been shown to reduce levels of insulin, leptin and cholesterol. This is mainly due to the presence of isothiocyanates, a compound which is also found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage and has potent anti-cancer properties. Isothiocyanates are also anti-inflammatory agents, making Moringa of interest to arthritis and asthma sufferers.

Moringa also has widespread anti-microbial effects against viruses, fungi and bacteria. In Africa, it is being used to help purify water and as an aqueous solution is used for hand-washing.

These health benefits are most easily redeemed by using the Moringa powder which can be incorporated into health shakes, in your morning porridge, sprinkling it over your cereal, or even cooking or baking it into your favourite dishes. It is also available as Moringa leaves and in tea form, which provides a relaxing, refreshing cuppa to boost your day.