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Breaking the sugar habit

You are now well aware what sugar does to your blood sugar levels and how an unbalanced blood sugar level affects weight management. But breaking the sugar habit can be hard.
The taste for concentrated sweetness is often acquired as a young child, and can also become a source of emotional comfort if used as a reward or to cheer you up. The best way to break this habit is to avoid concentrated sweetness in the form of sugar, sweets, sweet desserts, dried fruit and neat fruit juices and to replace that sweetness with sugar alternatives.
Dilute juices with water and get used to eating breakfast cereals with fruit instead of sugar. Beware of switching to natural sugars such as honey or syrup as these still cause rapid increases in blood sugar.
Artificial sweeteners are not so great either and some can have harmful effects on your health. One of the best sugar alternatives is xylitol, a vegetable sugar that has a very low GL. Nine teaspoons of xylitol have the equivalent effect as just one teaspoon of regular sugar or honey.

Remember, you can also get some added support from supplementing with the right nutrients. Patrick Holford’s Appestop contains garcinia cambogia extract, chromium and other vitamins and minerals. This is an ideal supplement to take to support your low-GL diet.