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Live a happier, more meaningful life with Patrick’s latest book

Patrick believes disconnectedness has caused humans to become “detached” from the earth, causing depression, general discontent and suicide levels to increase.

Twenty-first-century living has put us all on a high-alert system of living he says, where we crave and expect constant stimulation. This adrenalin has worn us out, causing us to become over-stimulated, tired and full of “nervous” energy.

Patrick’s latest book, The Chemistry of Connection: Five Keys to a Richer, Happier, Fulfilling and Meaningful Life, released this month in SA, teaches us how to balance our bodies, hearts and mind in this chaotic world. The book teaches us how to re-connect to the earth and how to nourish our bodies with real food and a healthy outlook.

In this book Patrick sites five keys to a leading a happier, more fulfilling, richer and meaningful life. The five keys, he explains, are:

  1. The Mind Connection: Here, the focus is on improving mental alertness and intellectual clarity.
  2. The Body Connection: This focuses on being kind to your body through healthy food and regular fitness which will generate energy and a zest for life.
  3. The Transpersonal Connection: Here, the focus is on refining your clarity on your life’s purpose – improving your ability to see the “bigger picture”.
  4. The Heart Connection: This aspect teaches you how to resolve emotional issues and relationship struggles and to maintain emotional openness.
  5. The Environment Connection: The focus here is on teaching us how to connect with nature and the elements which make up ourselves and our world.

Patrick believes that our ultimate goal as human beings should be to become fully connected to these five elements of our existence. The book includes practical exercises, meditations and ideas which will help to enhance “connections” in all aspects of life.

The Chemistry of Connection: Five keys to a Richer, Happier, Fulfilling and Meaningful Life is available from leading bookstores and Takealot.com.