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Say no to Diabetes with this one week blood sugar friendly diet

The secret to losing weight, increasing energy, cutting sugar cravings and preventing diabetes is to eat a low glycaemic load (low-GL) diet. Eating in this way means that you need to make less insulin to keep your blood sugar level stable. Hundreds of studies now prove that a low-GL diet helps to improve blood sugar balance and makes you less insulin-resistant, and hence reduces the need for medication.

Patrick Holford recommends eating no more than 40 GL’s daily, with an additional 5 GL’s allowed for a drink or dessert, to lose weight and prevent or control diabetes. This is made up of three 10 GL main meals and two 5 GL snacks. Your main meal plate needs to be half vegetables, a quarter protein and a quarter carbohydrate, so that means less rice, pasta, potatoes than you may be used to.

Here is an example of a one week ‘blood sugar friendly’ diet. You will see that by following these simple principles and by learning about the effect different foods have on your blood sugar, You can say NO to diabetes.

Breakfast (choose one to make up 10 GLs)

  • Scrambled or boiled egg with one slice of rye toast or 2 rough oatcakes
  • Patrick Holford’s Get Up and Go shake, or a smoothie made with skimmed or soya milk and a handful of berries
  • Fruit topped with yoghurt and seed.

Mid-morning snack (choose to make up 5 GLs)

  • A small apple, pear or peach, plus 5 almonds or a tablespoon of pumpkin seeds
  • One thin slice of rye bread thinly spread with sugar-free peanut butter
  • Smoked salmon, lean meat or hummus with one or two rough oatcakes

Lunch (choose one to make up 10 GLs)

  • Roasted chickpea or quinoa Tabbouleh (parsley salad with added bulgur wheat)
  • Apple and tuna salad with oriental green beans and coleslaw
  • Spicy lentil and watercress soup

Afternoon Snack (choose one to make up 5 GLs)

  • Spiced chickpeas
  • A small natural bio-yoghurt with a handful of berries
  • Crudités (carrot, pepper, cucumber or celery) with ¼ of a small tub of hummus

Dinner (choose one make up 10 GLs)

Drink or dessert (choose one to make up 5 GLs)

  • A shot of CherryActive concentrate diluted with water.
  • A small glass of red or white wine
  • Individual berry cheesecake