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Glorious Festive Season Food with Patrick Holford

There is absolutely no reason why healthy food has to be tasteless and dull. After all, the basis of good nutrition is simple; fresh, high-quality ingredients which provide maximum flavour while at the same time ensuring you receive the maximum nutrients. So this festive season enjoy entertaining friends and family and sitting down together to delight in delicious meals which won’t leave you feeling guilty or compromise your health goals.

How can you enjoy Christmas and all its wonderful feasts and treats, without loads of sugar? The answer is surprisingly easy. Christmas dinner itself is a very healthy meal, with lots of vegetables and lean turkey. It’s the ‘extras’ from mince pies, Christmas pudding, cranberry sauce, mulled wine and chocolate delights that increase the sugar levels. Here’s how to make your own – equally delicious but all low-GL. Have fun making these with friends and family.

Go to our Low GL Recipe page and let Patrick show you what to eat and drink to be merry without gaining weight and getting back into bad habits.

Patrick has published several recipe books all packed with lots of delicious foods and recipes that will leave you feeling satisfied, full of energy and feeling really good.