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How to BURN FAT FAST ahead of summer

It’s that time of year again – when the very thought of beach gear, board shorts and sun dresses will move losing weight to the front of your mind. Luckily for us, Patrick Holford has spent years researching what works best for both weight loss and improved health. He has discovered that the fastest and healthiest way to lose weight and keep it off is with the Burn Fat Fast diet.

In his book Burn Fat Fast, Patrick Holford and co-author Kate Staples explain how, by combining Patrick’s alternate-day low-GL diet and a series of fat burning exercises by Kate, you can lose weight fast, without going hungry or compromising your health.

The Burn Fat fast diet, in a nutshell, is a combination of eating a low Glycaemic Load (GL) diet, with alternate-day fasting and following an exercise program of alternating resistance and endurance exercises. This combination helps you to keep your blood sugar levels even and increases your body’s natural, genetic ability to burn fat and lose weight.

The Low – GL Diet

To unpack this a bit further, Glycaemic Load is used to measure the amount of sugar and starch in food and their impact on the blood sugar in your body. The key to the low-GL diet is to eat foods that do not have a big effect on raising blood sugar levels, as this causes the production of the fat-storing hormone insulin.

A low-GL diet is easy to maintain and does not leave you feeling hungry. You just need to follow three golden rules:

  1. Eat no more than 40 GLs a day
  2. Eat protein with carbohydrates
  3. Graze, don’t gorge

Alternate-day fasting

The low-GL diet, together with alternate-day fasting, and certain types of exercise have shown to be effective in switching on genes known as the ‘skinny sweet sixteen’ genes called Sirtuin (skinny) and Foxo (sweet sixteen). We all have these genes which, if activated, will help your body to burn fat. The alternate-day low-GL diet is made up of three days of modified fasting where a maximum of 35GLs are consumed on these days. This modified fasting every second day promotes drastic weight loss and switches on our ‘skinny’ genes and switches off genes that make us age faster.

With alternate-day eating the reason you lose weight and slow down the ageing process is not due to the number of calories consumed, but again to do with controlling the production of insulin.

Fat-burning exercises

The third leg to Burn Fat Fast is combining this eating plan with specific exercises that speed up your metabolism, build muscle and turn your body into a fat-burning machine. Former British pole-vaulter and ex-Gladiator TV personality Kate Staples devised a series of eight minute resistance exercises to build muscle cells, which further accelerate the burning of fat. Combining these with 30-minute cardio workouts and interval training sessions can also speed up metabolism.

This combination of an alternate-day, low-GL diet plus exercise is the winning formula for fast and healthy weight loss and fat-burning, and the best part about it is that you don’t have to be a saint every day!

Supplementation for weight loss

There are a number of nutrients that can help to keep insulin levels down and therefore assist with weight loss. Chromium, for example, is an essential nutrient used by the body for the proper function of insulin receptors. HCA (an extract from tamarind), 5-HTP (a form of tryptophan) and CLA (conjugated linolenic acid) also help to stabilise blood sugar levels.

For further information on the Burn Fat Fast diet visit https://www.patrickholford.com/topic/burn-fat-fast