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5 Health Rules to Sharpen Your Mind and Body

Rule #1  Cut your stimulant intake by ½

The most widespread addiction of all is to stimulants – tea, coffee, caffeinated drinks, sugar, chocolate and cigarettes.
To be in good mental and physical health, you need to take this issue seriously. The odd cup of tea or coffee is not a big deal, but if you need these substances every day, or even every hour, you need to make a change – and setting a gaol is a good step in the right direction.
Write down how many times a day you take stimulants in and cut it by half. Next term you can lower it again. You will be surprised as to how much better you feel.

Rule #2  Eat a protein with every carb

The sugars in high GL carbohydrates are your worst enemy – they will cause your blood sugar levels to spike and then dip, causing sugar cravings and affecting your energy levels.
The key is to keep your blood sugar levels constant.
Foods with a low GL mean that the glucose is released slowly into your bloodstream, keeping your blood sugar levels stable.
Other than only eating low GL carbohydrates, there is another way to actually lower the GL of a meal – by eating protein with your carbohydrate. Protein foods trigger a small and equal release of both insulin and glucagons- which means that the insulin will not spike your blood glucose levels, essentially “lowering” the GL of the meal that you are eating.
Barry Spears, author of Enter the Zone, first made it widely known that combining protein with carbohydrates helps to programme you to burn fat.  So here is a two in one – keep your blood sugar levels even AND burn some fat in the process.

Rule #3  Drink 2l of water every day 

Your body is more than two-thirds water.
You shouldn’t need much more motivation than that, but 2L of water daily will help to eliminate toxins release from fatty tissue as you use it.
It also helps to dilute the bloodstream to prevent overconcentration of sugar or protein – which is why you feel thirsty after eating a large dinner or sweets.

Rule #4  Eat oily fish at least once a week

If you squeezed out all the water in your brain, a whopping 60% of the dry weight would be made up of fat.
These fats are always being replenished, which means that it is crucial that you take in enough of the right kinds – omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.
Oily fish like Salmon, tuna and mackerel are a great source of the omegas, as are many seeds and nuts.

Rule #5  Exercise at least 3 times a week for more than 30 minutes

The perfect exercise routine is a combination of resistance exercise that tones and strengthens the body and endurance exercise that builds up your aerobic capacity, both burning calories and boosting your metabolism.
Other than this, exercise is proven to lead to a positive state of mind, clarity and confidence.