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This Christmas, Avoid the Festive Bulge and Start 2015 Feeling Great

Many people see the festive season as ‘blow-out’ time, when they don’t have to think about their waistline (or health) until after the New Year.
Although there is nothing wrong with throwing caution to the wind once in a while, statistics show that the average person puts on 2, 5 to 5kg’s between November and January. The bigger problem lies with the fact that the foods (sugar, alcohol etc.) that we consume at Christmas time are addictive and most people find it harder than anticipated to go back to a healthier lifestyle come January.

So how do you get through the festive season without being a “party pooper?”

The answer is not to deprive yourself entirely, but to eat (and shop) smart. By eating low-GL foods you can keep your blood sugar balanced, boost your energy and increase weight loss.  This way of eating can be applied just as easily to the festive season as to any other time of year – you just have to know how to shop for the right ingredients and plan to make low GL meals and snacks throughout the season. These golden rules will help you to stay focused on eating the low GL way;

Avoid sugary, starchy carbohydrates and choose low-GL, unrefined carbohydrates such as whole grains and fresh fruit and vegetables instead.

Eat regular meals (three meals a day plus two snacks in between) to keep your blood sugar balanced and avoid hunger pangs that lead to being tempted by naughty treats.

Eat protein and carbohydrates together. Carbohydrates are quickly broken down into sugar, whereas protein is digested much more slowly. By eating the two together, the protein helps to slow the release of sugar from the carbohydrates into the bloodstream

Another important part of eating healthily is knowing how to COOK healthily, and of course, having the inspiration to do so. Patrick Holford’s book – Food Glorious Food is packed with great low GL recipes for dinners, smart occasions and celebrations. It will also teach you how to cook the low GL way. For example, cooking food for long periods or at high temperatures depletes nutrients. It also increases the rate at which the carbohydrate content will be released, increasing the GL. So, raw food is almost always the most nutritious food, but when you need to cook, the healthiest methods are steaming, poaching, steam frying, boiling, baking and grilling – in that order. Food Glorious Food will show you how to cook a delicious Christmas dinner using these methods of cooking.