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Good Medicine and the H Factor

One of the most important processes in the brain and body is called methylation – which depends entirely on your intake of specific B Vitamins. The process of methylation is how your body keeps thousands of neurotransmitters, hormones and other essential biochemicals in balance. Just to put its importance into perspective, there are something like a million methylation reactions every second in your body.

Methylation is a major driver of memory and bone loss, heart disease, pregnancy problems and even cancer. It is also vital in determining your mood, motivation, concentration and ability to deal with stress. On his tour to South Africa in October this year, Patrick Holford will be talking about how you can avoid these health issues by making sure that you are a good methylator.

How does the H Factor affect your mood?
The higher your homocysteine level (what Patrick calls the H-Factor) the more likely you are to feel low and demotivated. Why? Put simply, your level of homocysteine – a toxic amino acid in your blood, is used to measure how well you methylate. The more of this toxic amino acid there is in your system, the more likely it is that your body is not methylating, which effects everything – but especially your mood.

Make sense? But how can you fix this?
One of the main reasons for having a high homocysteine level is that you are not receiving sufficient B vitamins. Most important are vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid or folate. Low levels of these are also an excellent predictor of low mood. Having a low level of folate and B12 and a high homocysteine level puts you at high risk of depression. Some people are much more prone to high homocysteine levels and low moods, and consequently need more B vitamins, as do older people who are less able to absorb vitamin B12 as they mature in age. You can get your homocysteine level checked by your doctor.

Come and hear Patrick’s talks on Good Medicine in a city near you. He will be touching on how Good Medicine can help your body to keep methylating properly and keeping you smiling

Tour information: https://www.holforddirect.co.za/tour-information/