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Patrick Holford will be in South Africa this October bringing you a series of seminars and workshops focused on nutrition, weight loss and how to gain optimum health.  He will be presenting on three different topics at venues across the country from Joburg and Pretoria to Durban, Pietermaritzburg and finally in Cape Town.

Below are short descriptions of the different topics he will be covering. Click on the Book Now button below to secure YOUR ticket for any of his shows.


The Good Medicine seminars are for those who value their health and who would like to learn more about a natural, nutrition-based approach to health. As in his book, the seminars will provide a comprehensive resource of what really works for the most common health problems, not by suppressing symptoms with medication but by understanding why we get sick and by dealing with the underlying reasons with nutrition.

Patrick will present talks based on his best seller Burn Fat Fast – a step by step guide on how to lose excess weight quickly – for the long term and at the same time slow down the ageing process. Patrick’s Burn Fat Fast seminars are for people who want to make positive lifestyle changes in the pursuit of losing excess weight – for good and for long-term overall health. In these seminars Patrick will explain how the benefits of eating a low-GL diet can not only help you shed those unwanted kilos and help you look and feel good but also re-programme your genes to Burn Fat Fast.


The Total Health Transformation workshops are your once in a lifetime chance to spend an exclusive day with Patrick Holford where you will learn about optimum health, how to achieve it, how to manage your weight and even how to prepare delicious healthy meals. In these full day workshops Patrick will personally take you through the simple steps to super health. The workshops will cover all areas of health such as energy, immunity, digestion, mind, memory and mood. He will also speak about the common conditions plaguing society such as cancer, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and dementia – how we can avoid these and how to reverse them through nutrition.