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The Truth About Coffee

Many people get caught in the sugar, nicotine, caffeine trap, thinking this combination is good for energy. But in fact this combination feeds increasing fatigue, anxiety and weight gain.
In Patrick’s research he surveyed over 55,000 people and found the two foods that most predict fatigue and stress are caffeinated drinks and sugary foods, both addictive substances. Many people become hooked on caffeine and sugar to keep going, gaining weight and losing health as a result.

Here’s the irony. The reason people get hooked on drinking coffee, particularly in the mornings, is because it makes them feel better, more energized and alert. But, does coffee actually increase your energy and mental performance or just relieve the symptoms of withdrawal?
That is the million dollar question. The truth is that not only is coffee addictive, but it also worsens metal performance. Caffeine blocks the receptors for a brain chemical called adenosine, whose function is to stop the release of the motivating neurotransmitters dopamine and adrenalin.
With less adenosine activity, levels of dopamine and adrenalin increase – as does alertness and motivation. That sounds good, but on the contrary – the more caffeine you consume, the more your body and brain become insensitive to its own natural stimulants – which means you need more stimulants to feel alert and normal.

Remember – coffee isn’t the only source of caffeine. There’s as much caffeine in a cup of strong tea as there is in a cup of regular coffee. Caffeine is also the active ingredient in most cola and other energy drinks such as Red Bull.