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A Word from Patrick…..

For over three decades I  have been exploring how what we eat affects our health and I have come to the conclusion that while medicine most certainly has its place for acute conditions, injuries and infections, it is what we eat that has the most benefit on our health, which is why I have written Good Medicine.

Before the discovery of antibiotics, people died in their millions. When penicillin became available in the 1940s it literally saved hundreds of thousands of lives. The next blockbuster drug was cortisone in the 1950s. It cured people’s arthritic pain and other inflammatory disorders. Thus the myth of a drug for a bug, a pill for an ill, was born and the pharmaceutical industry started to flourish. So is a “pill for an ill” really a solution when a diet with no side effects can address many of our health worries?

You may also think that if you have the wrong genes there is no alternative to drugs or removing a body part. But only a small percentage of disease is due to genes. Only 1% of Alzheimer’s, for example, is caused by genes. It’s what you eat and how you live that switches genes on and off. For example a Low GL diet switches on a set of genes that keeps you young and healthy. Sugar, on the other hand, turns them off. So instead of removing the body part why not remove the diet part? Such as sugar in case of diabetes or dairy products in the case of prostate and possibly breast cancer?

The cause of the big five diseases – cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and Alzheimer’s – is down to the food we eat, what we drink, smoking, stress and exercise. Genes play a tiny part. With the right diet, attitude and lifestyle you can add years to your life and life to your years.

My latest book, Good Medicine, applies these principals to today 75 most common diseases. Most of the advice, about diet and lifestyle, is not known to your doctor – not because there isn’t good scientific evidence but simply because it isn’t taught in medical school. The truth is, if you want to find out how to prevent or reverse most of today’s ailments and chronic diseases you are going to have to find out yourself. The only person who can transform your health is you!