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A Healthy Lifestyle is Good Medicine

Patrick Holford has launched his latest book, Good Medicine, which takes a hard look at over 75 of the world’s most common health problems and what really works to prevent and even reverse them – more of the “good” and less of the “bad”.

In Good Medicine he says the vast majority of health conditions, especially chronic diseases, can mostly be attributed to too much of the “bad stuff” and not enough of the “good”, referring to our food and lifestyle choices.
The book looks at why we get sick in the first place, explains the root causes and how and why the natural approach makes sense. It explains which are the worst and best foods to eat and which extra nutrients and supplements are needed – a comprehensive resource of what really works for the most common health problems, not by suppressing symptoms with medication but by understanding why we get sick and dealing with the underlying reasons.

In a nutshell, Good Medicine is a complete guide to the most effective, safest and natural ways to help prevent and also reverse many of the diseases plaguing our society – definitely one that should be on every family’s bookshelf.