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Men are Getting Healthier and Happier

In our last post, the ladies were the focus. So guys, it’s your turn. Here’s some good news to start…a recent survey done by Patrick Holford in the UK indicated that men are generally healthier and happier than ever before.  However, there are some specific health issues that only concern men – prostate cancer being one. Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer among men and it’s becoming more and more prevalent.

While drug companies search for a ‘magic bullet’, a consistent picture is emerging that suggests that prostate cancer is caused by a combination of factors, the most significant being:

• Exposure to carcinogens
• Lack of antioxidants
• Inflammation
• Excess hormonal growth signals

These are all external factors that CAN be changed. Patrick Holford gives us 3 simple tips to keep your prostate gland in good shape and reduce risk of inflammation, discomfort and disease.

1. Don’t drink milk
The strongest dietary risk factor for prostate cancer is dairy consumption. Switzerland, for example, has the highest dairy intake and the highest numbers of deaths from prostate cancer. This is almost certainly due to a hormone in milk called Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF). Prostate tissue has receptors for IGF-I and IGF-II. Research shows clearly that men with high levels of circulating IGF-I are at greater risk of suffering from prostate cancer than those with lower levels.

2. Reduce animal fats
Fats from dairy products, meat, fish and eggs are the highest sources of hormone-disrupting chemicals and high consumption of these foods is more likely to increase risk. So, moving more towards a vegetarian diet, using bean, lentil, nuts and seeds for protein is consistent with keeping your prostate healthy. Fish, especially if organic or wild, or omega-3 rich eggs are probably the best of these foods.

3. Increase omega-3 fats
Fish oils may be protective against prostate cancer. A study published in the Lancet followed more than 6,000 Swedish men age 55 for up to 30 years. Its conclusion: eating fatty fish such as salmon, sardines, herring and mackerel could reduce the risk of prostate cancer by a third. Supplementing purified omega-3 fish oils provides a guaranteed PCB-free source of these powerful anti-inflammatory agents.