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Patrick Holford’s book, The 10 Secrets of 100% Healthy People reveals 10 secrets that can add years to your life and life to your years – secrets developed from over 30 years of scientific research into health and well being.

Two of these secrets are about how your emotional well being and being clear on your purpose in life are a vital part of your health. The whole basis of our memory, which is how we “hold” the story of our lives, depends on emotion. Emotions are also the basis of the subtlety of human relationships, and relationships are as important to us as water is to fish.
We only develop as human beings through relationships, and it is developing emotional intelligence that allows us to interact healthily with others, so that our needs can be met and to understand the needs of others. THIS is why Valentine’s Day is important – it is not about the chocolates and romantic dinners, but rather about the important people in your life and the good relationships that add value to your life. It is about celebrating the joy that they bring and that you bring to them.

On the 14th of February we will be giving away an AMAZING prize to the person who sends us the BEST picture of their favorite HAPPY HEART moment. This could be a photo of your child loving their pet or a photo taken on your wedding day – it does not have to be romantic, it just has to express a moment that made you feel like all was right in the world – a moment that made your heart HAPPY.

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  1. Judith de Wet

    I always say to my 4 year old grandson Mikey “is your heart happy” when he laughs with loud abundance. He says my heart is happy granny. Oh how it makes my heart sing. PS I’ve tried every day to download the pic. But don’t know how. I don’t want to miss the comp. Please help!