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The 9- Day Christmas Detox

Year-end functions, office parties and the overload of festive events can play havoc with your waist line and your health, often leaving you feeling far from renewed or invigorated for the New Year ahead.  So how do you ensure you are not a party pooper this festive season but at the same time not undo all your hard work during the past year?

Patrick Holford advises a 9- day liver detox building up to and after the festive season. Why? There are two sides to detoxifying; the first is to reduce the toxins that your body is exposed to and the second is to improve your body’s ability to detoxify. Right now you probably somewhere between the optimum levels and minimal levels of detox potential – so Improving your body’s ability to detoxify before the festive season really kicks off will help you to feel great, give you more energy, a clearer mind and will improve digestion and weight lose potential.

Your 9 day liver detox is designed to be followed over two weekends with a week in between. The first thing to do is to set the date – as soon as possible. So get your diary out now and find a week and weekends where you won’t be under pressure to eat and drink too much. The next thing you need to do is go out and buy Patrick Holford’s book – The Holford 9-day Liver Detox, available at Exclusive books and leading book stores around the country. The book takes you through 5 bad habits to break, 5 new habits to make and helps you through a 9-day detox programme and even provides the recipes for tasty, easy meals to enjoy. Here is day 1 of the detox programme – so that you can see that you CAN do it.

Day 1 (Saturday) (Remember –these recipes are in the book)

Breakfast: Superfood Muesli with essential seed mix

Morning Snack: 2 plums plus half a dozen almonds

Lunch: Superboost sesame salad

Afternoon snack: Olives and your daily smoothie or juice

Supper: Fennel and mixed rice pilaf with a large mixed salad

Drinks: One fresh fruit juice or smoothie (ideally have a juice containing carrot, and a juice containing berries or watermelon every other day) unlimited water, herbal teas and coffee alternatives.

Who says detoxing means eating nothing and drinking only water!