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Healthy Eating While Travelling (part 2)

Going away this festive season? There is no need to “let go” of your healthy eating habits while you are travelling. With just a little bit of effort and willpower, and some nourishing food choices on hand, Patrick Holford says that your Holiday needn’t turn into a dietary disaster.


You are exposed to so many stressors when you fly – poor air quality, dehydration, exposure to germs and a variety of chemicals, extended sitting and inactivity – leaving your body to work extra hard to maintain an equilibrium.
Help your body out by taking extra care of what you put into it in the air. Avoid excessively salty foods and alcohol, which contribute to dehydration and can lead to sinus problems, constipation, swollen legs and low energy.
Drink as much water as possible – many people don’t want to drink a lot while they fly because it means going to the toilet more often. Patrick Holford says that this is exactly what you want – getting up and stretching your legs every now and then will help keep circulation going.
Processed meat and animal protein put extra stress on the body, so choose the vegetarian option when you book your flight.

Holford also recommends taking vitamins and additional antioxidants, including vitamin C and E, selenium and Zinc to help protect you from extra germ exposure and the other stressors of flying. His 100% Health Pack has everything you need in one box. It even has easy to use (packing friendly) daily strips, especially great for when you are out of routine – add this to your hand luggage and you are sorted. The 100% Health Pack contains Advanced Optimum Nutrition, Immune C, Essential Omegas and AGE Anti-oxidant.