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Healthy Eating While Travelling (Part 1)

Going away this festive season? There is no need to “let go” of your healthy eating habits while you are travelling. With just a little bit of effort and willpower, and some nourishing food choices on hand, Patrick Holford says that your holiday needn’t turn into a dietary disaster.


If you travel to any area where food and water contamination is a concern, supplements are a must! Microbes do not populate and grow well in acidic environments or when stronger competitive micro-organisms are present, so taking probiotics and betaine hydrochloride can offer protection from food poisoning and other bacterial risks. Patrick Holford’s supplements – Advanced Optimum Nutrition and Immune C are brilliant for this. In fact, they are great for every day use.  Advanced Optimum Nutrition is a daily multivitamin, multimineral and antioxidant formula and Immune C has contains high doses of vitamin C and antioxidants, helping to strengthen your immune defences agains harmful free radicals.

Some other tips:

  • Boil all water for 1 minute if you are unsure of the sanity of it
  • Try to drink only bottled water, canned or carbohydrate bottled drinks or beverages made with boiled water
  • Make sure your ice is also made with the boiled water
  • Only eat fruits that can be peeled