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The Power of Protein

It was world diabetes day yesterday – an annual day dedicated to engaging millions of people worldwide in diabetes advocacy and awareness. Patrick Holford’s book, Say No to Diabetes, is full of recommendations based on the latest research about how to prevent and even beat diabetes.

The most important of all of these is learning how to stabilize your blood sugar. Combining protein rich foods with low-GL carbohydrates is the very BEST way to do this. Everyone knows that high insulin release is bad news for blood sugar levels. There is also another hormone, glucagon, which raises rather than lowers blood sugar. It is good news as far as fat burning goes as it helps to turn fat back into glucose when your blood sugar is too low. But the trick is to release the right amounts of it. Protein foods tend to trigger a small and equal release of both insulin and glucagon – which is ideal.  Eating a bit more protein with low-GL carbs produces a small release of insulin AND glucagon.

Be warned – carbohydrates, especially fast-releasing ones such as cakes and sweets, trigger a substantial release of insulin with little or no glucagon response.

Two of Patrick Holford’s supplements are especially good for assisting with regulating blood sugar levels and supporting a low-GL diet. One is Carbo- Slow Fibre which contains high absorbent plant fibre – Konjak – which helps to slow carbohydrate absorption. The other is Cinnachrome (Cinnamon extract, chromium and vitamin B3) which helps to support glucose regulation, to maintain energy and appetite and mental vitality.  Both of these products are available at Dis-Chem and leading pharmacies around SA.