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Saying NO to Heart Disease

One of the most fundamental processes going on in your body every second is called methylation – it is how the body makes and balances thousands of biochemicals, important for the healthy and continued functioning of all processes in the human body.  When we eat protein, for example, the process of breaking down this protein produces a toxic amino acid called homocycteine which requires methylation.

Nutrients required for methylation are vitamins B12, B2, B3, Folic Acid, Zinc and TMG. If methylation is unable to function properly, you are probably lacking in these essential nutrients and would have high levels of homocycteine in your blood. Excess homocycteine is toxic to arteries and can be the cause of cardiovascular disease.
Your homocycteine level is an excellent predictor of heart disease- an even better predictor than your cholesterol levels.  In fact homocycteine levels also predict your chances of suffering from memory loss, depression, loss of bone density, osteoporosis and in women, your chances of having complications during pregnancy.