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Say NO to Heart Disease

One in two men and women die from heart disease. More people die prematurely and many more suffer from diseases of the heart and arteries than from anything else.
Decades of research have made it clear that there is not one single cure. It’s more complicated than that, and lowering cholesterol isn’t the full story.
A massive US survey of 136, 905 patients found that the majority of those hospitalized for a heart attack had normal cholesterol levels. Although you don’t want to have a high cholesterol, you shouldn’t think that you are in the clear just because your cholesterol level is normal – it is only ONE of a number of risk factors, and not the most predictive anyway.
It is very important to look at the bigger picture – at all the risk factors and predictive markers, and to do your best to reduce them all.
The risk factors include an array of medical statistics, your diet and your lifestyle as well as a genetic predisposition. The good news is that all, except for the later, can be decreased by simple, painless dietary and lifestyle changes.

You can say NO to heart disease.