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Homeo… What?

Isn’t it interesting that there is a force that moves us up, in opposition to gravity that keeps us down? Plants reach towards the sun, building fibrous stems to do so, and so do we, building bone and connective tissue. We are no less dependent on sunlight than plants are.

Your homocysteine level (a type of protein produced by the body and found in the blood) is one of the most important measurements of your health.
There are increasing studies that link high homocysteine and low B12 levels to increased risk of fractures, osteoporosis and decreased bone mass density – particularly in women. Not only that, high homocysteine levels are linked to most inflammatory diseases because homocysteine promotes the release of pro-inflammatory agents in the body.
Homocysteine is produced from the amino acid methionine, which is found in normal dietary protein. Homocysteine in itself isn’t bad – your body naturally turns it into beneficial substances.  The trouble comes in when you don’t have optimal amounts B vitamins in your diet, the enzymes that turn homocysteine into these beneficial substances don’t work well enough.
Luckily, high levels can be reversed in weeks with the right combination of nutrients and dietary changes.

So what does Patrick Holford suggest?

B12 and folate supplements work together to help reduce high homocysteine levels.
The two main components of cartilage are proteoglycans and collagen. Collagen is made from vitamin C, which is why Patrick recommends a daily intake of 1000mg twice a day.  There are specifically formulated supplements available in South Africa that will ensure that you get optimum amounts of these nutrients.
Patrick Holford’s Immune C contains 1000mg of vitamin c and antioxidants. His Osteo Food contains all B vitamins, calcium, magnesium and other essential nutrients that will help to promote bone health.