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Give Your Liver the Support it Needs


From a chemical perspective, much of what goes on in the body involves chemicals being broken down, built up and turned from one thing into another.
Eighty percent of this involves detoxifying potentially harmful substances, and the liver is responsible for most of that work. The liver is the chemical brain of the body: recycling, regenerating and detoxifying in order to maintain your health.

In his book The Holford 9-day Liver Detox, Patrick Holford recommends taking supplements that will help support this hard-working organ.
Digest Pro contains a combination of digestive enzymes, probiotics and glutamine. Digestive Enzymes assist in the break-down of food, Probiotics provide ‘friendly’ intestinal flora that protect the intestines against harmful bacteria, and L-Glutamine assists with the renewal of the lining of the digestive tract.

These nutrients are like a day at the health spa for your insides. Available at Dis Chem and independent pharmacies and health shops in South Africa.