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The Secret to Successful Weight Loss

Patrick Holford has spent the last 30 years studying what really works for weight loss. Your weight isn’t just down to what you eat. You can be genetically programmed to burn fat or to store it.
Two genes in particular help you to burn fat and stay young. They are called Sirtuin and Foxo and together they are nicknamed the “skinny sweet-sixteen” genes because activating them helps to keep you young, healthy and at the right weight -without starving yourself.

You can do this by:

  • Eating low-GL foods daily
  • Sticking to an alternate-day diet
  • Practicing the perfect combination of cardio and strength training

The reason that these all work is that they keep your insulin levels down. That is the key – if you can keep your insulin levels down and switch on your “skinny sweet- sixteen” genes, you will burn fat faster and slow down the aging process.

Patrick Holford’s Burn Fat Fast regime incorporates all these principles in an easy-to-follow strategy to transform your health and weight. The book is available at Exclusive Books and all major book stores around South Africa.