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It’s All in the Insulin

So many foods that we eat have a massive effect on raising blood sugar levels which causes the production of the fat-storing and potentially harmful hormone called insulin.
The production of insulin is the cornerstone to both weight loss and weight maintenance. When blood sugar levels increase, insulin is released into the blood to remove the glucose. However, if you have eaten more sugar than your body needs or high GL foods, the remainder goes to the liver where it is converted into fat and stored mostly around the waist.
The worst part is that after too many blood sugar highs (followed by the inevitable lows) you can develop what is called insulin resistance which forces the body to produce even more insulin in order to be able to reduce these raised glucose levels in the blood: a vicious circle that is detrimental to long-term health and a guaranteed recipe for weight gain.

This is why for over a decade Patrick Holford has been advocating the low-GL diet as the most effective way to lose weight – for the long-term and without going hungry.
In Burn Fat Fast, he takes this proven and trusted low -GL (glycaemic load) concept a step further by combining it with an alternate-day eating plan. Combining this eating plan with specific exercises speeds up your metabolism, builds muscle and turns your body into a fat-burning machine.