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Getting it Right

The Burn Fat Fast book has everything that you need to get started on an Alternate-Day, Low-GL diet straight away. All the meals recommended are delicious and also easy to make. You can find more Low-GL recipes in Patrick Holford’s Low GL Diet Made Easy. The Low GL Diet Bible also gives you, not only more recipes, but the full low-down on how to live the Low-GL way.

In these books Patrick Holford recommends Get Up & Go, a nutritious breakfast shake to help you start your day with energy and vitality. The diet works on its own, but Patrick also suggests having the added benefits of supplements containing super-fibres such as glucomannan (Carbo- Sow), and those containing garcinia cambogia fruit extract (Appestop), that help with appetite and weight management and slow carbohydrate absorption. These supplements will help give you that extra push on your Low-GL transformation.