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The Burn Fat Fast Diet in Practice

The secret to burning fat fast is to combine three essential principles into one very simple routine- and to make that routine part of your life.

1)    Eat low-GL foods daily

2)    On three alternate “fast” days eat  35GL’s and on the other (low-GL’s) days eat 50GL’s

3)    Practice the perfect combination of cardio and strength training

The key is to have three alternate days a week where you stick to 35GL’s and on the rest you can eat a maximum of 50GL’s. With the exercise, your main goal is to do three strength workouts and three cardio workouts a week. It really is a simple routine- made even easier by following the book- which includes recipes that do all the GL and calorie counting for you, fool proof workout routines and clear explanations of how and why this diet will help you to burn fat FAST.

“Burn Fat Fast is quite simply the easiest, healthiest and most effective way to lose weight.” Patrick Holford