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Why Burn Fat Fast Works Better Than Any Other Diet

Burn Fat Fast doesn’t just work on the simplistic equation of calories in (from food) minus calories out (through exercise). It focuses on a total change of your body’s metabolism triggered by changes in your genes- which are the main control to your whole body.

We learn in school that you can’t change the genes you’re born with. We even use well-worn excuses like “I have big bones” or “it’s in my genes”.
While it is true that you can’t CHANGE your genes, what you CAN do is switch some on or off, like programs on a computer.
This is called ‘genetic expression’ and it’s been discovered that both alternate day dieting and low-GL diets switch on genes that help to keep you young, healthy and the right weight, while switching off genes that trigger ageing and disease.

Exercise has the same effect- which is why Patrick Holford teamed up with Kate Staples to put all three pieces together. Kate, a former athlete, celebrity trainer and gladiator has a reputation in the world of personal training second to none.
Latest research has identified how resistance exercise and interval training trigger the same metabolic and genetic changes that turn your body into a fat burner. Kate has devised an exercise programme that doesn’t require a huge amount of time or equipment- in fact, all you need is your body and a few minutes each day.

Burn Fat Fast is the easiest and fasted way to lose weight, look good and gain health- without having to be a saint every day. The book is available in all leading books stores now.