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The festive season requires some guerrilla tactics if you don’t want to enter the New Year wearing what you ate at Christmas! Patrick has some simple tips for keeping weight in check, not compromising on long term health and still being able to enjoy the pleasures of good food, drink and company this holiday season. [...]

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This Christmas, avoid the festive bulge and start 2015 feeling great

Many people see the festive season as ‘blow-out’ time, when they don’t have to think about their waistline (or health) until after the New Year. Although there is nothing wrong with throwing caution to the wind once in a while, statistics show that the average person puts on 2, 5 to 5kg’s between November and [...]

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Healthy eating while travelling

Going away this festive season? There is no need to “let go” of your healthy eating habits while you are travelling. With just a little bit of effort and willpower, and some nourishing food choices on hand, Patrick Holford says that your holiday needn’t turn into a dietary disaster.  GOING SOMEWHERE NEW? If you travel [...]

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Want to lose weight without suffering?

October was a busy one for “team Holford” with Patrick’s South African leg of his international Good Medicine tour having taken place. Without falter Patrick presented 16 seminars and workshops in five cities in 10 days confirming that by following his low GL diet and ensuring the correct intake of nutrients and vitamins we can [...]

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