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Holiday bug immunity for the whole family

The Easter break is just around the corner, and for many of you – the last opportunity to hit the beach before the cold winter months. Just because it’s still warm out, doesn’t mean you are any less likely to catch a cold. In fact, if you are travelling this Easter – all the more […]

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Maximise your fertility the healthy way

When we spend so much of our lives trying NOT to fall pregnant, it’s natural to assume that conceiving is a piece of cake, but sometimes it isn’t.  Fertility and the speed of conception depend on many factors – some psychological, some physical, some nutritional and some environmental. There are many things that you just […]

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PMS – what, why & how to ease the symptoms

Between three and five percent of women have PMS symptoms so severe that it affects their work, education, relationships and/or daily activities. The average age of onset of PMS is 26 years and it generally gets worse with age, with the most severe form affecting more women in their forties. As women get older they […]

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Pasta shells with yoghurt avo peas and watercress

Serving pasta in a hot yoghurt sauce might sound a bit strange but yoghurt is a delicious alternative to cream and the combination of the avo peas and watercress is surprisingly satisfying. Without even trying, you will be serving your family a good combination of healthy oils (omega 3 and 6) and low GL carbohydrates […]

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