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Are you intolerant or allergic?

Allergies are much more common than you think. In fact, almost one in every three people suffers from allergies – whether to pollen, cats, house dust, foods, drugs or chemicals. Most of these people, especially those intolerant to foods don’t even know that they are because they are hidden or masked by minor symptoms that [...]

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The Good Medicine approach

What should you do to support your recovery when you have any of the 76 most common diseases? In Patrick’s latest book, Good Medicine, he gives you up to six actions per disease to help you to firstly address the underlying cause of a health problem,  to enhance your body’s ability to fight off disease [...]

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A word from Patrick…..

For over three decades I  have been exploring how what we eat affects our health and I have come to the conclusion that while medicine most certainly has its place for acute conditions, injuries and infections, it is what we eat that has the most benefit on our health, which is why I have written [...]

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The health seesaw

The design of your body is utterly remarkable: it has been shaped by millions of years of evolution. Our fastest computers are nowhere near as complex as the brain, for example. So, this is the big question that Patrick Holford addresses in his new book – Good Medicine. Drugs are not, by their very nature, [...]

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