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As a subscriber to this newsletter you clearly place value in your health – so now do your body a further favour and book yourself a seat to hear Patrick Holford speak at one of the 16 seminars and workshops taking place this October in a city near you. The talks, based on his bestselling [...]

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The question we should be asking – are low carb, high fat diets dangerous?

The central idea behind low carb, high fat diets is that by eating lots of fat and protein and virtually no carbs, the body’s metabolism switches from burning glucose (our first source of energy) to burning ketones and eventually goes into a state of ‘ketosis’. Ketones are like a back-up fuel for your body – [...]

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Dry weather, Dry skin

Slapping on moisturizing cream certainly goes some way to relieving or preventing dry skin- but when Mother Nature sends us relentless dry days, your cream will only go so far. Without enough moisture, each one of the cells in your body becomes dehydrated, losing its plumpness and structure, which is why it becomes tight and [...]

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Tired all the time?

So much unexplained tiredness comes from a breakdown in mitochondrial function. In Patrick Holford’s upcoming seminars in SA, he’ll be talking about how to increase your energy and recover from chronic fatigue. Mitochondria are the energy factories of cells- they are responsible for the rate of metabolism or energy production. The harder they work, the [...]

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